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The construction industry plays a vital role in our society, both from a commercial standpoint as well as everyone's private life at home. While construction work has an involvement in so many aspects of life, it also presents potential dangers and risks to those doing the work and those living in and around the worksites.

When your firm is involved in litigation stemming from a construction-related accident, you need the services of experienced attorneys to defend the future of your business. Fallon McKinley PLLC can assist you when you face difficult legal situations. With over 30 years of experience, our skilled team can help you face the challenges that may arise from construction-related issues.

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Construction Defect Claims

The attorneys at Fallon McKinley PLLC have defended a wide range of construction professionals, including developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers. Construction claims can be complex as they often involve multiple parties with multiple claims. Both the legislature and the court have responded to the proliferation of construction lawsuits with the enactment of new laws and decisions that can significantly impact the defense of these claims.

While we have tried our share of construction cases, we have found that the vast majority settle well short of trial. Our philosophy has always been to build trust in the particular case with the entire community of lawyers, experts, and insurance representatives that handle these cases. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of our efforts to resolve these cases economically and efficiently.

Construction Injury Claims

Construction worksite injury claims typically involve serious traumatic injuries. For example, recent cases handled by Fallon McKinley PLLC include a worker impaled on rebar, workers hurt by a sudden release of hydrochloric gas, a worker with carbon monoxide poisoning, and a worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury from falling debris. The ever-evolving rules of OSHA and WISHA, combined with the legal duties imposed by the courts, mean that multiple expert witnesses are usually required. The Washington Department of Labor and Industries is frequently involved in the initial investigation, which results in a worker’s compensation lien that, as a practical matter, makes the department an unnamed party to the case. The attorneys at Fallon McKinley PLLC have the requisite experience to handle the complexity of defending these claims.

Trust a dedicated team of attorneys to lead you. In even the most complex construction-related legal matters, Fallon McKinley PLLC has the knowledge and insight to help you pursue a favorable outcome.

Construction Accidents Attorneys Serving the Greater Seattle, Washington Area

For over three decades, the attorneys at Fallon McKinley PLLC have been aggressively advocating on behalf of clients across a wide range of industries. When the need for civil litigation arises, having a dedicated team of attorneys on your side can be a crucial step toward a fair and satisfying resolution. Fallon McKinley PLLC serves clients throughout the state of Washington.