Seattle, Washington Appellate Practice Attorneys

A case may be won or lost at trial, but often the test of a successful law firm is whether it can prevail on appeal. Over the years, appellate work has consistently played a significant role in Fallon McKinley PLLC’s litigation practice. Our attorneys represent individuals and companies throughout Washington and other states, arguing their cases before courts such as the Washington State Court of Appeals and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Appellate work allows us to work strategically with our clients on a wide range of issues. In recent years, the cases most frequently on appeal involve matters of insurance coverage, construction defect, premises liability, and products liability. Due to our years of experience and breadth of knowledge in a variety of practice areas, Fallon McKinley PLLC has developed an analytical and persuasive approach to appeals that provides us with the ability to quickly identify the decisive appellate issues in a case and frame our arguments in a succinct, clear and persuasive style to achieve the desired result.